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I'm a recording engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been recording professionally since 1995, and have been a full time recording engineer and musician since 1999. I do recording, mixing, and mastering, and also perform tech work, as well as teaching. I have extensive experience recording various genres of acoustic music, including classical and jazz, in addition to pop, rock, and metal.

I currently do most of my recording sessions at Granada Studios, located 2 minutes away from the beach in El Granada, just north of Half Moon Bay. I do mastering for Sugo Records, and am available to engineer outside projects as well. I also teach recording studio maintenance at Expression College For Digital Arts in Emeryville.

I have done live sound engineering, setting up PA systems and running sound for both Front of House and stage monitors. I also have experience doing location recording, both direct to stereo and multichannel.

Recent Projects:
Pandora's Hammer - classic rock and metal
Shenshen Zhang - solo Chinese Pipa
Sonya Jason - solo saxophone
Musical Art Quintet, "Nuevo Chamber" - string quintet
Trio Garufa, "El Rumor De Tus Tangos" - tango trio
Stevan Pasero, "Twelve Shades of Night" - classical and flamenco guitar
Erica Sunshine Lee, "Road To Recovery" - country