The Rico Macalma Ex'perience formed in 2015 after the corporate takeover and restructuring of Ex'pression College forced long-time instructors Rico Macalma, Erik Larson, and Cyrus Wong-Weismann to reconsider their life choices. The first show was the November 2015 Bands4Bands Toy Drive at the Bistro in Hayward CA.

The following year Cyrus left the Bay Area to pursue a lucrative career as an artisanal cannabis farmer on the Northern California coast. He was replaced by Ex'pression alumnus Jeff Anderson, who played his first show with the band in August 2016.

Meanwhile Rico had been holding random instrument jams with another Ex'pression alumnus, Bethany Wycoff, with the goal of eventually learning how to play all existing instruments. Eventually he learned enough music notation to write sheet music for the band's keyboard parts, at which point Bethany was recruited into the band. She played her first show with the band in November 2018.

Rico Macalma
experienced: guitar, bass, various plucked string instruments
additional: keyboards, drums/percussion, xaphoon, ocarina, didgeridoo

Erik Larson
experienced: drums, guitar, bass, piano, vocals

Jeff Anderson
experienced: bass, guitar
additional: otamatone

Bethany Wycoff
experienced: piano/keyboards, flute
additional: bodhran, ukulele, guitar, bass, drums